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Inspection , ISO 9001 Audits , Certification,
ISO 17025 Laboratory Testing

EUROPE INSPECTION Ltd.  is the independent & reliable multi-discipline company specialized  in quality control inspections & audits in offshore & onshore projects , oil , gas , nuclear energy,  wind turbines, Photovoltaic energy as well as food & agricultural industries for more than 20 years & works for most famous projects & clients worldwide.

We  supply qualified IRCA ISO 9001 auditors as well as perform SASO audits.

We are  involved in testing & analysis of products in our groupe ISO 17025 laboratories  ( Agricultural & Food, Chemicals , Metallic samples ).

We are qualified in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) :

  • Ultrasonic inspection 
  • Radiographic inspection
  • Liquid ( or Dye ) Penetrant Inspection (LPI ) 
  • Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI)  

All inquiries & data collected are considered as Confidential and handled with Independence & Professionalism & are not disclosed to any third party.

Our group is composed by reliable engineers & inspectors in industrial fields & we will be pleased for any inquiry you may have to secure the quality & quantity of your procurement & projects worldwide.

We are involved & contribute every year humanitarian projects ( Unicef , World Food Programs, Medical NGOs, ...  for a better world we hope. )

For any inquiry regarding inspections & audits in Europe and Worldwide, please contact us by EMAIL and we will reply within 24h .

EMAIL : info@europe-inspection.  com

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